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MESSAGE TITLES (Alphabetical Listing) 

40 Reasons for Financial Problems

Abolishing Fear

Alcoholic Profile

A Haughty Spirit

A Living Sacrifice

A Lying Tongue


An Unloving Spirit

Armor of Light (The)

Assyrians-The Root of God’s Wrath (2 Part)

Back Problems

Back Problems and Important Truths

Barriers to Healing

Barriers to Deliverance and Healing


Bitter or Better, You Can Choose

Bitter Root Judgment


Bitterness & Unforgiveness - Enablers


Born Again

Breaking Addictions

Breaking Demonic Defaults

Breaking Soul Ties

Breaking the Power of Addictions (2 Part)

Brokenhearted and Fragmented Soul

Button Pushers

Can a Christian be Under a Curse? (2 Part) 

Conditions of the Heart

Consequences of a 

Prideful, Haughty & Arrogant Heart (The)

Controller and the Controlled


Covenant (2 Part) 

Covenant - How the Enemy Gets Ground

Crying Out

Curse of the Bastard & the Law of Jealousy (The) 

Curse of the Law of Jealousy (The)

Deliverance from Fear

Devourers (The)


Double Mindedness 

Do You have Ears to Hear?

Drunkenness—Blessing or Curse?

Dying To Self-Secret Power of God

Ears to Hear (2 Part)


Entering God's Rest by Conquering Giants

Essentials to Healing and Deliverance

Fainting Spirit (A)


Fear-The Fruit of Imperfect Love

Financial Distress

Financial Problems (2 part)

Forgiveness (2 Part) 

Fruit of Pride (2 Part)

Generational Sins of the Forefathers

Getting to the Root of Anger (2 Part) 

Glory of Sons is their Father (The) 

God Wants You Healed (2 Part)

Grace and Legalism, Spirit of Performance



Spirit Grief- Sorrow for Joy (2 Part)

Hard Heart (2 Part)

Hardness of Heart

Healing the Broken Heart (2 Part)

Hearts of Stone and Inner Vows

His Refuge

How Not to Go Crazy in a World of Insanity

How to Overcome Fear in a World of Insanity

How the Enemy Gets Ground (2 Part)

How to See God


Idols in Your Life


Issues of the Heart

Land of Forgetfulness 


Long Deliverance Process

Love Fulfills the Law

Love Fulfills the Law (2 Part) 

Mass Deliverance

Meekness (2 Part)

Mental Attitude

Mental Illness

Mental Illness and the Effects of a Lack of Discipline

Ornaments of Pride (2 Part) 

Orphan Spirit (The)

Overcoming Anger

Overcoming Bitterness

Overcoming Fear 

Overcoming Fear, Anxiety, and Stress

Overcoming Life's Obstacles

Overcoming the Power of Fear

Overcoming the Spirit of Fear

Overcoming the Sin of Pride


Pain, God's Alarm System (2 Part) 

Perfect Love Casts out Fear

People Pleasers

Perverse Spirit

Possessing the Land

Possible Roots to Diseases (2 Part) 

Power of Blessings (The) 

Power of Forgiveness (The)

Power of Words (The)


Pride: The Character of Satan

Projection of the Cross-Kyle Nees

Purpose of Suffering


Reprobate Mind (The)

Resetting Life’s Negative Reaping Patterns

Restoring our Father Image

Root of Anger (The)

Sanctification of the Soul (2 Part) 

Say What You Want, Not What You See


Self-Rejection & an Unloving Spirit


Shame (2 Part) 

Shame and Guilt

Sin of Fretfulness (The)

Sin Worthy of Death

Soul Ties 

Soul Ties (2 Part) 

Soul Ties and Mental Illness

Speak, Say, and Declare (Proclaim/Decree)

Spirit of Behemoth (Laziness)

Spirit of Compromise (2 Part) 

Spirit of Control

Spirit of Haughtiness

Spirit of Insomnia 

Spirit of Jealousy

Spirit of Loneliness

Spirit of Rejection

Spirit of Sleep (The)

Spirit of Stupor

Spirit of Stupor-Hardness of Heart & Captive  Spirit

Spirit of Terror

Spiritual Adultery & Sexual Sin

Spiritual and Physical Adultery

Spiritual Garden of the Heart

Spiritual Nakedness

Spiritual Roots of Diseases

Swallowed Up

Swallowed Up/Idols

Swept Away by the Flood

Take Your Thoughts Captive, What You Think Can Make You Sick 

Taming the Tongue

Conditions of the Heart (The)

The Effects of Rebellion in a Life

The Law of Sowing and Reaping (New)

The Orphan Spirit

The Psychotic/Chemically Suppressed 

The Root of Your Problems

The Ten Virgins

The Wise and Foolish Virgins (2 Part)

The Wrath of God


True Salvation 

Under God’s Refuge

Unlawful Authority

Unloving Spirit

Victory Over Evil Thoughts

Water Spirits (2 Part)

Who’s Spirit is Manifesting in You? (2 Part)

Why the Flesh Must Die

Why Life Does Not Go Well

Why Life Does Not Go Well (2 Part)

Wounded Spirit

Worshiping the Beast

You Have What You Say

You Must Be Born Again

Zion– The Mountain of God

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