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 Geri McGhee is a regular contributor on OmegaMan Radio, her messages can be replayed on Sound Cloud from her channel or OmegaMan channel.

Video - Being Scattered

Another message from Geri McGhee

Audio - Flesh Must Die

Video - Healthy Bones

"Healthy Bones" recorded at Lake Hamilton Bible Camp

Lake Hamilton Bible Camp Messages

Ms. McGhee is a guest speaker at Lake Hamilton on a consistent basis. Click below to listen to her messages there. As they say there... "It's like going to bible school at home"

"Principles of Abiding in Christ"


Listen on SoundCloud

Things You Need To Know About Your Tongue

 Recorded from Lake Hamilton Bible Camp 

Video - word curses

Word Curses & How to Break them in Jesus Name

Audio - Healing Prenatal Womb

Healing of the Prenatal Womb

Video- Fruit of Pride

The Fruit Of Pride

Audio - Abolishing fear

Abolishing Fear

Video-Spirit of Insomnia

The Spirit of Insomnia

Audio - can a christian have a demon

Can A Christian Have A Demon

 Deliverance is the children's bread, it is not for the unbeliever although through God's grace and mercy He pours out His power on all that entreat Him. The question should not be, "Can a Christian have a demon," but, "Can a demon have a Christian?" The answer is yes! 

Video- shield of faith


The Shield of Faith 

Audio - dying to self

Dying to Self

Paul said when we walk in the spirit we won’t fulfill the lusts of the flesh. How do walk in the Spirit? We stay dead! The only reason for us to die to the flesh is for the life of Jesus Christ to live in and through us. 

Video- Learning to Enter God's Rest

Audio - Breaking Demonic Defaults

Video - todd

(filmed August 12, 1989 - 13 days before he died of AIDS)
Todd was the youngest son of Geri McGhee  

If you know someone struggling with homosexuality contact